The Tipii' New Year's resolutions

Published on 09/01/2020

5 minutes of lecture

New Year means new resolutions. And at Tipii', we make them too! Obviously to not take any risks, we turned to 3 resolutions that are particularly close to our hearts and to which we will absolutely stick (I hope)!


As you know, sharing and feeling emotions is our moto and in the center of our values. That is why we made the decision to set up a Tipii' blog so that you can discover our tips, advices, ideas... We do know that everyone makes one BUT this idea fits perfectly with our values around sharing!

As we all know, ecological awareness is becoming increasingly important and since 2019 we have made the decision to compensate the carbon footprint of the production of your Tipii's as well as their mailing. How do we do it? WELL!! Our Green initiative is to replant trees in association with a Reforestation company in the North of France and therefore cancel our environmental impact. And in 2020 we want to continue replanting your Tipii's and show you that turning to slightly greener solutions, even when it comes to gifts, is really simple and cool btw.

Before I forget, this year we also decided to set up a Pinterest account. This way we open up to a third social media and we can expand a little what we do. But what is Pinterest for, you ask? That is an excellent question... and we did our homework like grown-ups and basically you pin what you are interested in. For example, when our new intern is looking for a new hairstyle or a DYI to make a cool gift package, she searches on Pinterest how to do it. OR if you are looking for an INCREDIBLE gift, you can always find us :). 

"XOXO" as Constantin (founder of Tipii') would say!