International hug day

Published on 21/01/2020

5 minutes of lecture

January 21, 2020 is International Hug Day. This is an opportunity to give a huge hug to the people you love, and why not to the people you don't know so well, if at all.

For the record, this day was the idea of ​​a certain Kevin Zaborney, an American reverend from Michigan (in the United States) in 1986. But why did he come up with a hug day? Well, he saw ambient gloom in the post-holiday / Valentine's Day period. A hug was, and is, a great way to warm everyone's hearts. The Reverend thought it was going to be a grand failure. But not at all. This day was a hit, became popular and even spread around the world. In 2004, the Australians even set up the “Free Hug” movement. We can recognize the followers with their signs that invite anyone to hug like that, to have fun!

From a medical point of view, a hug releases the oxytocin hormone. More commonly know as the hormone of attachment or happiness. It produces a soothing effect and creates an instant feeling of well-being.

Cuddling helps fight stress

Are you stressed-out all the time? Welcome to the club. A hug allows you to instantly release the pressure. But hey, as my dear and tender would say, you don't feel pressure, you drink it (#beerislife). This physical and human contact helps lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. On top of that, it produces oxytocins and endorphins. So I suggest that we all get together between stressed-outs and that we make a collective hug.

Hugs are good for our health

Resistance against viruses of the winter period improves thanks to hugs! No ???  Hum yes. Studies have shown that hugging for 5 to 10 minutes a day can strengthen the immune system and could even counter certain cardiovascular diseases! But to avoid if you have the flu or gastroenteritis ...

Hugs cheer us up

Ask the people of the North for this: lack of sun, light, cold, depressing weather, viruses, post-holiday nostalgia, our empty wallet, return to work, etc. can cause winter depression. That's why you have to cuddle, over and over again, since the hug generates the production of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphin. So no need to drink alcohol like in the Nordic countries (no it's not a joke), just hug it out!

Hugs improve our ability to communicate

A hug is actually a non-verbal communication tool. Sometimes making or receiving one can sometimes mean more than just words.

Needless to say, cuddle, love yourself and say it!

Tipii 'bonus: improbable hugs


Have a nice day!