Happy No pants subway ride day!

Published on 13/01/2020

5 minutes of lecture

Today (January 13) is the 13th edition of the International Day without pants in the subway or No pants Subway Ride. Not to be confused with International day without pants, which takes place in May. Fortunately, since it was less cold at the time. It is an event that is not yet very popular in France but very well known in English-speaking countries.

What is it about ? Well today you just don't wear any pants to take the subway. I KNOW, it’s quite a vague explanation but it’s only starting to take root in our beloved France since 2013.

The idea behind this day without pants is to associate freedom with not wearing pants. This allows you to break a social taboo, to laugh at the reactions of the people around you. So you have to act simply, as if it was normal to not wear pants. But beware, wearing a skirt, a kilt or shorts is cheating. Well yes, we must put ourselves completely  into the game and if you are afraid to do so, why not use it to brave your fear!

The origins of this day remain somewhat in the fog. But what we do know is that it was a student organization from the University of Texas at Austin, the Knighthood of BUH that started this slightly crazy tradition. Their idea was not to wear pants for 24 hours. In New York, the Improv Everywhere collective revisited this event in 2002 where the principle is to take off your pants once in the you are in the subway and therefore not everywhere. This is way more comprehensible, it would be better to avoid hypothermia or that our boss sees us in our underwear.

Constantine, without knowing that there was a day without pants on the subway or an international day without pants, had taken photos with Hubert from la Vie est Belt their underpants. I leave you the joy of admiring them (but not too much).

If you see someone without pants today, don't panic it's normal!

See you later aligator, as would Soumeya say!